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Each year Docksiders Boys' Parents' Association teams up with Maryland Gymnastics, Inc. to offer several fundraisers for member families to participate in to cover or help offset the meet fees and associated coaching fees for which each family is responsible. The total dollar amount of fundraising each family is required to contribute is specified in the parents' contract. The amount differs depending on the level of one's gymnast(s) and how many gymnasts a family has in the boys' program.

Some families prefer not to be bothered with fundraising and are able to cover their gymnast's relevant expenses without it. However, many families appreciate the option of being able to raise at least some of the required funds via fundraising instead of totally "out of pocket." Therefore, DBPA makes an effort to offer various fundraising opportunities each year.

Some of the fundraisers that have been offered in the past are the following: Gianni's, Sally Foster, Avon, Current, Arbonne, Elbert's Butter Braids, Welsh Mountain, Yankee Candles, Great Lakes Scrip, and Popcorn Palace. Information about each of these fundraisers is available by clicking the links on the left.


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